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Tips On Choosing The Right Workout Shoes

If you are in a workout program, then it is important that you use proper workout gear to help achieve the desired results.

One of the most important items to invest in is a good quality and proper fitting shoes for exercise.

Choosing a good fitting and high-quality shoe is not as easy as it sounds, and it calls for some effort and time. It’s important to be aware of what to look for. Your feet tend to swell during the day and they will be larger at the end of the day. It’s best to choose and try on the shoes at this time of the day to avoid getting shoes which are too small.

So, let us take a look at the most important factors to consider when choosing workout shoes:

The Weight

Pick up the shoe and take note of how it feels. Shoes may not feel all that different when you pick them up for the first time, but it does mean you should disregard the weight. If you are running in the pair, or just wearing them in the gym for several hours, then a small difference in shoe weight will have an impact.

The Shoe’s Design

It is also important to enquire about what the shoe was made for. You will come across long distance running shoes, cross training shoes, shoes that are best suited for sprinting and so on. That being said, you should look for a shoe that falls most into your workout category. Design will ensure that you achieve the support that you are looking for. It is unwise to choose a shoe for long distance runners while needing a shoe for walking.

Arch Support

Arch support is another factor worth considering. If you have high or low arches, ensure that you find a shoe that is made to accommodate this. If you do not, you will find yourself having knee or hip pain in the long run. If you happen to have a very low arch, or a very high one, then you might also want to consider buying orthotics to put in the shoes as well. If you already wear them, ensure that you take them when buying your shoes as they affect how the shoes fit. Many lower cost shoes have poor arch support.

The Comfort

It is important to make sure you are comfortable in the shoes you are going to workout in. To ascertain comfort, try and walk around the place of purchase for a few minutes to test the comfort factor. How do the shoes feel? Any slipping? Are there any shoe parts digging into your feet? If you are not satisfied or content with the fit of the shoe, then keep looking as it is important to have a comfortable workout shoe. Many people rush this process and are later slightly dissatisfied with the shoe. Practice makes perfect.

The Cost

The cost is a significant factor, but it should not be the first thing to look into. A high quality and fitting shoe will make a huge difference in the way you feel as you workout. Treat yourself to new shoes and custom orthotics. You will feel and see the difference.

Dr. Meaghan Clemens

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