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Tools Can Help You Stay On Track

Many people think that they have to rely on themselves to stay motivated when striving to reach new goals. This is actually not true and there are many tools you can use to make reaching goals much easier and provide a nudge her and there.

Some of the most popular motivational tools you can use include simple things like using blogs, journals, online calendars, and planners.

A blog or journal can really help you plan out your steps to reach your goal. You can keep a daily or weekly journal whatever works best for you. Many people start off by using a weekly journal and then switching to a daily one. As they find that writing down accomplishments and struggles is really helpful, plus it acts as a reference when a situation happens again.

Calendars and planners in all forms are available online. You can even download apps to your iPhone, iPad, Android, or another device. There are even apps that allow you to share your progress on social media. You can even challenge your friends and family to friendly competitions, or to keep you accountable.

What motivational tool you use will depend upon your personality. You may enjoy writing and are automatically drawn to using a blog to stay motivated. Or you may be more of a private person and prefer the idea of using a planner or app for motivation. You don’t necessarily have to make any of your writing or blogs public you can make them private and can only share with people you choose.

Another idea is to record videos if this is something that appeals to you. You can record a video about your goals, achievements, ups and downs. Again you can make your videos private or public.

It’s not about documentation, it’s about planning and execution of attainable next steps. What motivational tools can help you take the next step?

Dr. Meaghan Clemens

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